Xiao Yang

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill

Department of Earth Sciences
Southern Methodist University
Office phone: 214-768-6151
Email: xnayang at

Md Mamun

Postdoc Fellow

Email: mmamun at

Currently, I am working in the domain of freshwater ecology, limnology, remote sensing, and machine learning. During my Ph.D., I tried to determine key physical, chemical, and biological factors driving ecological structure and function in the freshwater systems and also investigated the prevailing relationship between land use land cover (LULC), human disturbance, water quality, fish composition, ecological health, summer monsoon regime, elevation, exotic species, and artificial barriers (weirs). Besides this, I worked on several projects focusing on the ecosystem health assessment of aquatic systems, risk assessment of invasive fish species, fisheries conservation, migratory fish species, river and stream ecology, longitudinal river connectivity, freshwater quality, fisheries, and aquaculture. I am actively involved in manuscript and report writing, editing, reviewing, data analysis, and data collection. I like to utilize my interdisciplinary academic knowledge and practical experience to provide a holistic perspective on environmental management issues for rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs, ensuring that expected outcomes can be achieved with rational exceptions

Sunwoo Yoon

Graduate student

Umanga Weerasingha Mudiyanselage

Graduate student